i dont know much about soloing, but im trying to figure it out (i dont really need to im a rythm guitarist after all).

i was watchign some solo videos, and people dont just stick to the same scale on oneposition. they move all over the neck, up and down....everywhere..

how does that work? how do i switch scales effectively? whats the importance of the 'key note' in every scale?

much appreciated!
its basically different positions of the same scale. it's hard to explain, mebbe look on sites for lessons.
its the same scale played an octave higher. an example would be C major
the notes in C major are C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and the C again
Then on the neck you play all the same notes only an octave higher, and the pattern can repeat like that throughout the neck
^ thanks for the reply.

should i be just switching positions, or also change the scale?
hey, can someone give me a website where those realy good theory lessons were?

i cant remember it, but it has loads of 'stept' and has a sort of aged paper colour-look
well this is a pretty good website, you could also look at cyberfret.com.
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I feel the best way to really see it(the scale across the entire neck), is just google up a picture of a guitar neck with all the notes on it. Then find all the notes that are apart of the scale you want to study.

meaning major and minor relatives, mixolydian, phrygian, dorian, natural, harmonic, the list goes on.

the guitar grimoire is a great series of books explaining a lot about music theory and guitar scales and modes. you might check them out.

music theory is soemthing that, at least to me, seems clear as day one minute, and then can confuse me to death the next.

have fun!
^ yeah. im trying to get lessons on theory in the local music school.
^ thanks loads for that. i've been looking for soemthing like this.