How can I get my voice to sound raspy like, say Clapton? I'm not a good singer, but neither is Clapton, or some other great blues guys so whatever. Any tips? Thanks.
smoke cigars and drink whiskey all the time.
but i think i remember seeing this thread before, so try and search and there were lots of good answers in there.
notice how when you talk or sing normally it feels like your voice is commin from where your neck meets the back of your chin?

try pushin it down to the base of your neck.. like where neck meets chest. under the adams apple

thats what i do.
diaphragm control, thats pretty much how you get any specific sound you want. check out the only singing tips thread
people tell me that I can sing pretty cool raspy blues stuff, and I have a killer heavy metal voice that makes metal bands without singers drool. Unfortunately, it really did come from smoking cigarettes which has ruined any REAL singing talent I had when I was younger.
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To get a natural rasp, without smoking and drinking, you should practice in the proper way to do a heavy metal voice. That is using your diaphram, not using your throat to produce the distortion. Someone once said that a when you do scream you should to it in the same way you would gargle water, this has really helped me alot, but I try to get a hetfeild/heafy sound, not a bluesy one. Although you could smoke and drink alot to get practically the same results, although your clean voice would be ruined aswell.

Of course im not a professional, im just some guy who sings to the steering wheel