Hey guys,
I've been playing violin since I was 9 years old on and off. (I'm 17 now)
I've played violin fully for around 5-7 years. But I recently quit and got into acoustic guitar.
I know 17 is kind of old to start playing Electric guitar but people have said that if you have played a string instrument, it will be a big boost for playing guitar.
I'm not sure if my experience in Violin will help me alot in guitar.

Do you think that my violin skill will help me in learning guitar in any way?

probably because uve got better dexterity than the normal person
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yes it will, you might not notice (because you might not have anyone to complare yourself to) but it does help tremendously. i know this from personal experience. i had played violin for only 3 years before i started guitar (and i started guitar at 14-15), and it helped a lot with dexterity and overall knowledge on how stringed instruments work. btw, its never to late to learn guitar, so don't get discouraged
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17 isnt too late. Didnt the guitar player from Red Jumpsuit apparartus start when he was 19? maybe wrong band, but i know a guitar player from a pretty big band started when he was 19 and now hes 28 and a pro with millions, so anything can happen. Also, i think i might buy an elecrtic violin in the future, theyre pretty cool.

Anyhow, to answer your question.... And can't hurt any can it?
Ya, youre music knowledge should be way better than the average person. Like the other people said, you will have great finger dexterity and just a good player.

It sure wont be the same as violin, but the strings are tuned the same (the low 4 on a guitar are the same as a violin i believe, and its the same with a bass).
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Yeah, I played violin before starting guitar too, and I found that having a developed musical ear really helped when working out scales, chords etc. It should be really easy for you to work out Major, Minor and Pentatonic scales because you've basically already learnt them on violin. One thing I would watch though is how you do vibrato on a guitar - it differs from a violin. On a violin you go sort of side to side, the only way i can describe this is masturbating with the violin neck lol . On guitar you need to go up and down, like a load of small bends.

EDIT: Just read the guy aboves post, and yeah, the violins tunings are like the guitars the other way round (Violin GDAE, Guitar EADG-BE)