Uhmm... yea I wrote this a long time ago. So yea. If you comment this, Please be honest. As much as I would like to hear good things about my stuff, I also need constructive critism so I know what I can do to get better.
Thank you,

I'm through taking you. You never listened to me. You were the one who said you'd

always be there for me. Well I know I'm done, but I always feel numb towards you.

I've never been less confused. Walk out the door. Get off my floor. I can't take you.

You've sucked everything out of me. Being with you is hell and I already fell out of

myself. Well I know I'm dumb, but I always feel numb towards you. I'VE NEVER BEEN

LESS CONFUSED. Run don't walk out my door. Get the f*** off my floor. I can't

f***ing take you anymore. You've already sucked everything out of me. Leave me

alone. Don't call me anymore. Just shut-up and run out the door. I'll see you no more.

-Paul J. Sansing
sorry but in this case honesty isnt the best policy
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Your join date is a scar you internet emo!
To the guys that feel the need to have verbal vomiting, refrain, learn some tact.

Indeed wrong forum.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.