Ok, im a guy and i've got long hair. I hate salons and that crap but barbers screw up my hair and salons don't. I know alot of you have long hair so were do you get your hair cut?
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go to the barbers. If they cut it dodgy, go home and trim it yourself. If it looks even worse, braid it or dreadlock it.
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Salons and barbers are evil.

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i go to a salon just so it doesnt look like shit
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this fits the situation perfectly. I just got back from a salon not knowing how much the price was going to be and it cost me $25 ****ing dollars for a simple hair cut. I thought i would try a new place and there were no signs to indicate the prices. Soo, i say never go to a damn salon and stick with the barbers.

short hair - braber
long hair - salon

cause salons are for ladies mostly, they cut it good, and they're more sophisticated, while at the barbers they'll just put a bowl on your head and cut around it with sheep shears.
get leg wax and apply it to your head and rip junks of your hair out it works fine wid me anyway lol
I go a place called Edward Scissorhands, it's an indpendently run small barbers. The people are really nice and make sure they know exactly what I want before they start hacking away at my hair. Costs me less than a tenner each time. There's also the added advantage of a complimentary chilled lager (the fact I'm 16 doesn't seem to bother them), which puts them in my good books .
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i cut it myself
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My annual haircut is coming up in June - but Im just getting a trim.

I dont see the reason for wasting any money on haircuts and the time too. Plus long hair doesnt bug me so I dont feel the need to get haircuts very often...
oh 7 or 8 dollars? hmm, then i obviously got ripped the hell off. Damn idiot didn't even cut it good
give your friend a clipper and go for the all out mullet...
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I go to the salon.. My hair is semi long.. And somehow it always end up getting long in the back and looks stupid..
Getting a new haircut on monday. And I'm gonna make damn sure that they cut it off in the back, and don't cut the rest very much..
and 1+ for the hot chicks that cut my hair there.
I've been cutting my own hair since I was 13, because I like the spazzy, fucked up look.
Poor advice.