Hey guys,

For my english class i have to do a song analysis. One of the options we had was to write our own song and play it. So me and my friend were thinking of writing our own song. I was just wondering what would be some good things to write about. Like war and politics or should we make it a happier song?

Thanks in advance
Well, I'm guessing you're in HS...

Don't write about war and politics.

Why? Cause you don't know enough about it to make an intelligent song.

How do I know? Cause I was there not too long ago.

Go with happy good feeling, beat the rivals, whatever crap.
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i said it was the greatest movie of all time not the greatest comedy of all time......idiot....

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dont do wwar/politics, it getting old now, come up with something original.
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Make it really raunchy. Like something Louis XIV would do.
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dont do wwar/politics, it getting old now, come up with something original.


no instrumentals cause no one's really gonna wanna sit through that (or i wouldn't)
and remember this: a song with an actual message is ALOT a better than a comedy song, doing a funny song is alot harder believe it or not.

no it wouldn't count you much you kinda need lyrics for an ENGLISH assignment. Just write something like any song on Pink Floyd's album The Wall, true inspiration right there. That and make sure at the end to yell butttecks as loud as you can to get the point across