Can anyone tell me whether there are any decent valve amps between 30 and 50w that have a power output adjuster, simliar to the power squeezer found on the roland cubes. My budget is between £300 and £400. The amp needs to be as flexible as possible as usual, but i lean more towards blues and rock. Any help is appreciated.

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I don't think i've seen a tube amp with a truly adjustable output adjuster like the Vox AD or Cube amps. Some amps, such as the new Fender Twins (i think) can be adjusted to be lower wattage, but there aren't many of those around. I think a Fender Blues Jr or Pro Jr. would be a good bet if you can afford it. Also look at an Epiphone Valve Jr. or the new Fender Champion 600.
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the new (reissue?) fender princeton recording amp has an attenuator built in, and I think it runs about 18 watts. I'm not too sure. It's also $1000 USD, and I'm not positive on the conversion but I think it's like £500ish. Try used?
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the ornage tiny terror, little pricey has switchable watts from 15-7? a litte low but just a suggestion
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