I finally got a good recording of Classical Gas and posted it on my newly created purevolume, tell me what yall think, (i know the mids are a bit shotty),
also see Braun Yr Aur, both recorded on my Takamine, through Vox Valvetronix on clean and with Tascam DP01, mixed with Audacity...
thats was just awesome!!!!!!!!!
sloppy here and there but got better and better through the song.

which takamine do you have?
Yeah man it was really good. A few muffs here and there, but it was overall very enjoyable! 9/10
Thnx for the cudos, i have a Tak G-series single cut, its not a classical guitar, it has regular strings, thats why the tone isn't that good nut im trying to re-record it on vinyl strings, any tips for recording with mic and relativley quiet guitar??

ps. i always thought muffs were a good thing to have heer and there
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Sounds good!
Only in the main riff you seem to skip a couple of notes every time.
Overall a very nice recording, keep it up!
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Personally i think that you did a much better job with classical gas than with Braun Yr Aur (which happens to be my fav Zeppelin song). You completely skipped the chorded sections which make the song so good. Also I don't like the sound of your guitar on the latter song. It almost seems that you are using effects to mask any mistakes. OVerall you did a good job with the two, but you just need to work out the kinks.

crit mine
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