Just my roomate and I and a few recordings from our dorm room, with our neighbor singing on a few tracks. I play guitars and my roomate does the percussion and singing. Let me know what you guys think =)


We watched the sun: you're a good guitar player. the vocals are bit lame for the man. the female is very good. the guitar is just amazing.

good bye blue monday: i like the thunder very cool you're a very good guitar player. and a girl. amazing. lol. anyways are you at college? how come you have some dude as your roommate?

crit mine?

edit: nevermind i only saw too, and didn't reed your signiture. my bad.
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Thanks a lot for the compliments. lol did you mean the lyrics are a bit lame for the man? If so, I can see why you'd say that. They were actually written about my grandparents, my grandma was just recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. So in context, I guess they aren't
-too- lame lol. And yeah, I'm in college. I just recently bought a new sound card and have yet to install it, but I'll do that later today so I'll check out your music then. Thanks again for the crit.

Your neighbor is the girl i'm assuming? She has an incredible voice. I feel like the song We Watched the Sun should be more focused on her voice. I think it fits the song a lot more. The guys voice is very good as well its just not as unique.

However in Goodbye Blue Monday both the vocals sound great. This is really awesome song i love the effects in the background. probably my favorite one.

wow the into to the third song is really neat. i really like how the guitar sounds. i just don't like the twang sort of thing going on with the vocals. this is really good quality as well. i like the music a lot in this one i'm just not feeling the vocals during the verse. the chorus is really good though. how many vocalists do you have? i prefer the singer in the chorus. he should do the whole song. oh and the whole yelling part is really awesome.

i don't really like Tercio de Muerte. not that its bad its just way tooo far away from the style i like. the whole song gives me the feeling like i'm in a desert with a lot of spanish cowboys having a party or something.

overall though i really liked your stuff. quality is very good as are the vocals.

crit mine?
wow - very impressive overall. both vocals are very strong and complement eachother really well. very nice fingerpicking too, it was really intricate but smooth. nice work, keep it up!

id love it if you gave me a listen
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