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out of exile(nu-metal/hard rock)
3 20%
out of exile(goth/black metal)
2 13%
they both suck
9 60%
they both kick ass
1 7%
Voters: 15.
they're both pretty bad
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someone said they both kick ass lol. I personally think that the nu-metalish one is pretty decent, but i believe the insult to metal everywere band isnt very good.
Quote by umop-3p!sdn
I didnt listen to either. I just used my spider-sense to tell that they both are crap.

plz dont vote until youve listened to both so that you can make your own judgement instead of being a tool and just reading the replies, and saying"if no one else likes it i must not either".
Neither are very good. They both have potential, but right now they both blow.
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