Can anyone tell me whether there are any decent valve amps between 30 and 50w that have a power output adjuster, simliar to the power squeezer found on the roland cubes. My budget is between £300 and £400. The amp needs to be as flexible as possible as usual, but i lean more towards blues and rock. Any help is appreciated.

The Sound City 50 Plus head has a sensitivity switch that produces full power in position one, and in position two the amp is a lot lower output and has a higher quality, more sensitive sound (the idea originally was for position two to be used for situations like recording). I have a 1973 Sound City L120, and that along with a 2X12" cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30s in it ran me about £380 altogether, which IMO is an absolute bargain considering what it is. A 50 Plus should be even cheaper, though it might be around the same price.
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