I bought new dot inlays for my guitar (project) and i can't put them in without taking the old ones out.

how do i remove the old dot inlays? i was thinking of supergluing something to the inlay and pulling it out.
I'm going to say that is a bad idea lol. As for how to get them out, no ****ing clue?!?!
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the inlays are superglued in as well (or probably epoxied if theyre lp style) so gluing to them and pulling probably wont work well. cold temperatures help in making cyanoacrylate glues more brittle, so you could try freezing it, but it wont turn out pretty.

what size are the new inlays? if they're larger, you'll have to rout anyway, so that may be your best bet.

overall, this seems like a petty cosmetic change that could really wreck your fretboard. i wouldnt bother with it.
use a very fine blade/knife to cut the circle out, try not to take more wood out if you can.

to get the original glue out there are several good chemicals you can buy at a hardware store for that
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Why would you change the dot inlays?? Are your new ones like way more beautiful?

Dont do it. It would be to much trouble for somthing so pointless.
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