Poll: What is the best brand of Guitar for Metal?
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View poll results: What is the best brand of Guitar for Metal?
21 23%
28 31%
BC Rich
1 1%
21 23%
6 7%
4 4%
9 10%
Voters: 91.

Take your pick :P
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who the hell put down epiphone?
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Damnit someone beat me to a corny search button joke!!! all of those are good so who cares?? they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and aren't really that comparable, so I just voted for what I own (Firebird:P)
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it really depends on price range, the best metal guitars overall though (with no price limit) i would say ibanez
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Its a 3 way tie for me... Uhm, I'm just gonna go with Esp because Alexi Laiho plays one.

Possibly the only B.C rich fan on UG
For straight up metal I'd go with Jackson-from what Jacksons I've played (high end and low end) they put out quality stuff at decent prices unlike other brands...(ESP/LTD...although high end ESP's are definatly worth it).
Ibanez. even though Esp is close behind since jeff hanneman and mettalica use 'em.
I vote Ibanez
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Then ESP.

Or... Caparison or Vigier...


I never saw how Ibanez is metal... Basswood is a horrible wood for typical metal IMO, and I doubt anyone is talking about the S series when you talk about Ibanez, just a bunch of RG fanboys/bandwagoners
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I voted ESP, Best guitar ive played metal on yet
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