hey everyone... need some advise..

i just sold my 95Q crybaby on ebay (for a great price) so i can upgrade to either the DB-01 Dimebag Crybaby from Hell... or the Zakk Wylde Crybaby..

i mostly play rock, hard rock & metal..

of course i like pantera, ozzy, GN'R etc but just looking for more 'voice' fatter tone' flexibility in my wah over the 95Q model...

let me know your thoughts!!!

thanks in advance..
i just decided on a basic crybaby with an unmodified fasel inductor...i get a great sound. the fasel is what gave jimi hendrix and other that great classic wah sound. all i can see is the dimebag one has a boost if you are using a tube amp...i don't know about the zakk. that's all i can tell you.
To be honest, I have never tried the Dimebag Crybaby but the Zakk Wylde one is really good. I'm sure the Dimebag one is good also. Try going to your local guitar shop and just ask to try them.
ive never tried them but im gonna guess that zakk's has more "meat" on it and has a fatter tone with good highs and dimebags probably less fat
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i notice u have a 535Q.. is that sililar to the dime wah??

It's very similar. It's pretty much the same wah but with a black paintjob.

I love mine, look into one.
get the dimebag
when i tried wahs (pretty much all the dunlop ones they had) at gc
the dime wah sounded the most like a wah
the other ones sounded like utter crap to me

just my 2 cents...

EDIT: by any means do not get the zakk wylde one
crap times 500 in a box...


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If I where you I would save a little more money and get the Teese Wizard.
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

****in great dude
DB01 for sure. I haven't heard great things about the ZW model.
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