Hey guys!

I'm looking to ditch my Mesa Oversized cab....overall, I'm ok with it, but I'm growing bored of the woofy low end it produces....it used to be my tone, but not I'm growing out of it....I need more punch and definition.

I came across Basson cabs....every review I have read has people RAVING about them....clear, articulate, tight....I have also heard great things about the Eminence Legends.

Anyone here try them? They seem like exactly what I would be looking for!

Only problem is....the thing is even bigger than my Mesa oversized cab...can a cab that large do what everyone says it does? I can't see soo many reviews being pure bologna...

Thanks for your help!

PS....if not basson, what 4x12 would you recommend? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE recommend from experience...I don't need any unsupported opions