Does the wood the guitar is made out of (whether it be neck, body, or whatever) make a difference for sound? If so, what? Thanks a lot.
Yes. It makes a difference on the tone. Heavier woods will have bassier tone, lighter woods will be brighter.
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DEFINITELY!!!!! generally, for more sustain, you want the most maple you can pack into a guitar, because, maple is a very dense wood wood, unfortulately, maple is also a very heavy wood. now, dense wood is good, however, it feels like you're strapping on a guitar shaped piece of depleated uranium. next to maple, you have mahogany, some ash, basswood, walnut in some necks, in acoustics spruce, and some brazillian rosewood (it's expensive as f**k). those are some of the most common woods, and yes, it's very important to get to know your woods. and i almost forgot, every different wood has a different feel, and different tonal characteristics.
Yes, hugely. The tonal qualities of individual woods greatly affects the sound. Even more so is the number (or lack) of plys, and number of pieces of wood used to make the body.

A friend of mine has a muilti-ply Flying-V with a Dimarzio in the neck and a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge; the tone from it sucks. I have a strat knock-off made out of (3 pieces, but still) solid Alder and it's cheap "Powered by Lace" humbucker blows the Duncan away because of the wood (or I think that's why).
A lot of Teles are made out of Poplar, which is very light... But I donno honestly...
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What would be the lightest wood used in electric guitars?

Basswood (which is pronounced like the fish Bass, btw) is probably the lightest wood out of the most common ones.

Wood stuff.
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Morning wood gives a great tone.

BTW why is mahogany considered a bad wood for guitars? My guitar is mahagony and its pretty much the only guitar ive played so i have nothing to compare it to.

EDIT: oops, I meant agathis.
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