ok so i have some momentary switches that are really thin and sit flush on whatever you put them on so i thin im gonna fit that onto my cables so that when i hold onto the end of it it shuts the circut off so i dont have to worry about shutting my amp off when switching guitars/ cables....stupid, i know...but still lol
yep, been done.

too late..............no $million in this one for you!
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IMO these are a better solution with the "Silent" tip on them


They have a little collar that stands just proud of the jack, and when you plug it in, it makes a contact - otherwise, there is no noise at all - the leads are also really good quality and they'll make them to order with any length or plug combination you want - I don't use anything else since I found them.
well i decided to just change out the cable on my wireless sytem so its SILENT now....i was bored and my cable the goes between the guitar and transmittter SUCKEd now its silent