does anyone have one of these? I want to buy a halfstack with one but i don't wanna put my credit in the hole so i don't want payments i can't afford. Is this worth getting and would i be able to get a all tube half stack with this
all i can tell you to do is READ CAREFULLY. Those credit card contracts are pretty detailed so make sure you read and reread it and if you don't understand any of the termonolgy used, ask someone. Also, regular or common words in contracts may have multiple or different meanings that you are familiar with so be weary. After reading the terms and conditions you should have an idea if you can manage to make the payments.
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I used to work for a credit card company.


You know those little pamphlets and letters they send regarding terms and conditions that no one ever reads? Read them. Read them ALL. If you don't understand something outlined in there, ask.

Many credit cards provided by stores, as opposed to banks, try to push off the "convenience" of "making no payments or interest for 6 months/1 year," or something along those lines. The catch is, if you haven't paid it off within the timeframe they give you, the interest that's applied after is calculated from the DATE OF PURCHASE.

Also, many store issued credit cards have an insanely large Annual Percentage Rate. Usually on average of 21% if not higher.

If you're determined to get a credit card, comparison shop like you would (should) for any product. Watch out for the APR. Look out for different fees they may apply to the card (like yearly fees). Be careful of sales gimicks, and READ THE DAMN TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!!
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Like Hakael said, make sure you pay it off in time, otherwise you'll get killed by the interest.
i bought my schecter with a guitar center credit card.... worked out great


also, check and see how much the max charge is and make sure it is enough to get your stack
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