I'm planning on buying the Schecter C-1 hellraiser at the end of the summer when i have the cashflow to do so, but right now i'm researching guitars anyways just to make sure i know what i'm looking for. I was looking up guitar reviews on UG and noticed that there are two different reviews for the hellraiser. one with, one without the floyd rose - what i want to know is it worth shelling out the extra cash for the floyd rose? and what exactly is it going to do for the quality of the guitar
Well...if you're not going to use the Floyd Rose, then don't buy it, it's as simple as that. I have a guitar with one and I don't really use it that much, but that's just me. I don't really think there's a difference between the two, just one has the Floyd and the other doesn't.
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^I don't think you really answered his question. I think he wants to know what the Floyd Rose will do to make it worth the extra cash...am I right? You use a Floyd Rose if you bend notes using the tremolo a lot. Also, it keeps your strings in tune for a nice, long time. Like Matrixclaw said though, it all depends on if you want/need those advantages. One caveat: a common complaint is that it's hard/takes a long time to change strings.
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Alright, that makes sense. I don't really use the tremolo bar a whole lot - so i imagine it won't really be worth the extra cash then. Thanks guys