i dont know what i should get. i play alot of metal like metallica, pantera, A7X..... and classic like acdc and punk blink 182 i have a stat now but i want a guitar with a floyd rose. i like the dean razorback stlye and all the gibson styles. i havent really looked at ibenez at all
You think you want and Floyd Rose, all beginners what one. If you're lucky like me you'll fall in love with a used Telecaster and you'll come to realize just how silly whammy bars are anyway.
Try Before you buy

I have tryed many Dean Guitars with Floyd rose and there all built great playability and all just gotta try it out i say.
Ibenez is another (to me) personal fav for floyd rose they are one of the best guitars to play.

Metallica Pantera? ESP and Dean Both Fit good Metallica uses ESP's And i personally have tryed some with floyd rose there easy to play and even the cheap modles are good last ya forever.

If you don't have much money i say try out a Dean ML XT- It comes with Floyd rose Set up and is very easy to play only about 800$ (thats how much i paid for CAD) The Razorback styles look sick and they sound amazing but you are paying for the quility of the guitar
Most go from 1000$ -The USA shops are anywhere from 3680$- 5000$ and up. (Top of The Line)

Just try the guitars see which one best suits and buy.

hope this helps.

*To COmment above- I would listen to his advice if your a begginer don't bother with Whammy bars yet or lock tuning most guitars you buy with out locks can stay in tune fairly good.

Another Helpful tip- Try the guitars on AMPS as well see how they sound.
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go to a couple of guitar shops. play a bunch of guitars, pick which one you like best.
the only thing is the only guitar center around here in in 40 miles away there is like 4 local shops but they are fake brand guitars
I thought fake brands only existed on ebay. What fake brands are you talking about?
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since when do gibsons come with a floyd rose?

i think you mean a tune-o-matic bridge...

EDIT: and i don't really consider blink 182 a punk band
but that's just me...


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like "gabson" and fander it might just be around here


Ibanez S series guitars have awesome ZR trems.
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Floyd roses are nothing but trouble for me... Some people like them but I personally can't stand them.

I change tunings alot, and let me tell you...it's a pain in the ASS with a floyd.

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if you want a guitar with a Floyd Rose on it, then make sure you spend the extra money and get a licensed one, because they cheaper ones are notorious for going out of tune alot. Be looking to spend a good chunk of change on a guitar with a Floyd Rose
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^sure but the official ones are pretty hard to find considering that floyd doesnt sell em on his website

and schaller makes one thats pretty much the same quailty


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france is laaaaame

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