Can zune play AVI files, if so can i play the movies on my 360, if not what do i need to convert the file to? and with what can i convert it with?
Convert to Mp4... i dunno what with though.
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well if you download a replay converter you can convert to windows media file format...
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No, it doesnt play avi. But if you convert then to Mpeg 4 they will be readable by zune.
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perhaps you should try then tell us
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Ok let me change that, what and how do i convert AVI to something that will play on Zune, and be sharable with my 360 and be able to play on it?
I uploaded the avi file to Google video and then downloaded it as an mpeg. While were on the subject, anybody got a freeware converter?
what can i use to convert AVI files into files that Zune can read, and put on the 360
You have to buy most video converters, theres a trial version for Total Video Converter, but it kinda sucks. Anybody know any free video converters?
man youd think alot of people would know alot about this subject