I'm selling a jimmie vaughan strat .... It's the olympic white one

and a vox ad30vt

Ive had each for about 4-5 monthes and the amp has a warranty from GC that they will replace it if anything happens to it. Im selling because I have no money and have to play the old acoustic until I can get back on my feet. I spent around $850 for everything but would like to get around $750 or best offer.

email me at brr3321@gmail.com if you dont want to ask the question on here
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your optimism on what youll get for your gear is both refreshing and amusing
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...Damn you.
You'll be lucky to get $600 for them together man... Pretty much take 33% off of the item's current new price as soon as you bring em home. That comes out to $580 together...
well I said best offer... I figured I wouldnt get that much but you never know