The Travelling Trip is a little 3 piece band put together last year when I was introduced to the bassist by the drummer. (We are guitar/drum/bass so plain I know )

Anyways, when it comes to genre.. it is hard for me too say?
Influenced by jazz, fusion, rock, blues, psychedelic music, lots of stuff. Whats key is that we are a jam band, we write no songs and everything we ever play is spontaneous and improvised.

We have played 1 awkward gig and would really like more, but it is damn hard for highschool kids playing FREAKY music to get around .

http://myspace.com/thetravellingtrip (although thats shitty, not as much music as on dmusic and the quality is terrible, because we had to make it fit and the songs are LONG).

We recorded a basement album based off 3 long jams (a full cd of music) and then worked on them on Adobe Audition. Unfortunately the quality of sound isnt great because I had to upload them with lesser quality to fit them.. We are obviously set back by the lack of gear and lack of musicians to collaborate with.

At the moment we are working on something new, which we hope will be a little more accessible and possibly take us a little somewhere.. (I dream..). It is based off the 7 principles of art (harmony,contrast,balance, etc). There is one track for each principle which have all been recorded. We are now lacing them with overdubs (we like different instruments, and since we cant find saxophone players, trumpet players, etc who are capable of whipping out some jazz fusion workouts or whatnot, we are reduced to finding these instruments and trying to learn ourselves. It should be a big improvent musically, in sound quality and hopefully the concept album thing can give it some sort of foundation.

Thank you, check out the tunes, and please say what you think?
Any ideas or advice? Possible volunteers for collaborations? We are open.

Peace and Love, Al.
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is - Infinite.

^^ some sort of strange new slimey brew, its a psychedelic mess.
Check it out