ok wat show do u think is better family guy of futurama?
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Futurama/King of the Hill > Family guy.

Family guy is great too, just like the others a little more.
im sayin futurama right now, but it goes back and forth...
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Futurama easily, although i do enjoy Family Guy.
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Depends i suppose. Family guy is funnier after watching each episode just once, some of the episodes twice or thrice. Futurama Isn't as funny as Family guy after the first viewing of an episode but the jokes don't really get boring. Even after watching an episode of futurama like 5 or 6 times i an still get a laugh out of it. I can't get the same laugh out of Family guy.

So i can't really answer the question, i like them both equally.
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I say Futurama, but mostly because I don't get to watch it as much.

As said earlier, Futurama doesn't tend to get old as quickly as Family Guy. How often can flashback jokes really be used before you have to stop watching?
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well since south park isnt an opinion....then family guys better
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wow, I thought Family Guy would be kicking Futurama's ass... Oh well. I prefer Family Guy, but I like them both.

You should make a poll.
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Futurama owns. Family Guy does nothing but redefine "suck".

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