I used to play guitar for a solid 3 hours a day (if not more). Then, about two or three months ago, I started playing less and less. Know I feel like it's more of a hassle to play for more than an hour. I just can't stand to be in my room that long. I still love guitar, and the feeling of playing it, but something is changing about my outlook on it.

The same is true with mixing/ recording. I have a whole idea (in my head) with what I want to do for an EP I've been wanting to record for the last 5 months. I get frustrated, and just leave what I'm doing.

Any advice?
Have any of you shared a similar experience?
Do you think I might have something wrong with me were I can't focus?

(It's not just with guitar, it's with a lot of things.) Nothings changed in my life to were I have less time or anything like that. If anything, I have more time now. I've been playing for about 4 years now, if you think that may relate.

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something new. new guitar/amp/etc, new mission...

if its repetitive, wouldn't it be fair to say you should break the cyle?
Sounds like you're in a rut. Try playing new things, listening to new music, stuff like that.
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something new. new guitar/amp/etc, new mission...

if its repetitive, wouldn't it be fair to say you should break the cyle?

it could be something like that. But I already have wayyyyyy to many guitars. When ever I get a new one, I'm not as excited as I was with the previous guitar I bought.
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if you cant stand to be in your room that long get an acoustic and take it with you...
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You're just stuck in a rut, man. Just work your way out of it. That's about as specific as I can get.
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It's actually not uncommon. Whenever you're developing a skill, particularly when you're playing an instrument, your morale will rollercoaster. The good news is that it will get better again: it just takes time and/or a source of inspiration. The most important thing you can do now is force yourself to sit down and practice-otherwise, guitar may just be one of those things that slips away. In the meantime, listen to your favorite artists, join a band (assuming you're not already in one), and just find ways to make playing fun again and track your progress. I had totally lost guitar until I started a music composition class at my school; ever since the class started, I've been totally pumped about music. It turned out I just needed a good reason to sit down every day and play. Good luck and have fun.
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Try playing a completely different style, I started playing slide guitar after I got bored
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There's this guy at a local music store who plans on quitting his job there and trying to work somewhere else because he's around guitars so much he's stopped enjoying them. He hopes if he stops working there he'll be able to start enjoying them again.
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bodomfan525's right. Listen to him. I also suggest that if all else fails, take a nice long break from guitar. You'll most likely miss it after a while and will be inspired to play again. If you don't miss it then maybe you're just bored of the instrument. Maybe try something different, it might help you get inspired. If not listen to Paul Gilbert, he always motivates me to be better. Sometimes he makes me wish I had no hands though.