Hey everyone,
I wrote this song this morning at 7am... I just finished recording it. Its a little on the tech side and has a lot of heavyness in it. Check it out and tell me what you think. I will crit on any of your work... any genre.

Its at www.myspace.com/jerodgee
and its called "Totally Untitled"

Thanks a lot,

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this sounds really great. totally headbanging right now. the pinch harmonics are really great/

if you go to my myspace theres a song called "down to the delta" that you could crit if so desired
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yeah dude that was great...what gear do u use liek not guitar but recording wise...well adn guitar to lol

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for recording i have a Boss Br-1600 and I just plug straight into that and i create my guitar tone. Thats about it really. Oh and my guitar is a Goya Les Paul... a real effin old guitar from like the early 70s.
Thanks again.
Oh for sure... Ive recorded vocals and drums on it before. I find it hard to get a good bass tone when plugging straight into it though. Otherwise its pretty sweet.
wow, thats some impressive stuff. one part reminded me a little of metallica's battery, but it was all really tight and well played. it doesnt seem like theres that many people that can use heavy distortion effectively, so nice work.

mind critting my stuff?
there is a drum machine built into the Br-1600 so i can create the drums right on there, and when im done recording my guitar tracks and everything i can bounce it all down to two tracks, and master it.
hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that i have re-mixed the "totally untitled" track, and it has some neat little fades and is way better quality than it was before. Thanks again for all of your crit.