It does this strange wooshing/crackly noise right after I stop a riff on the overdrive channel, I don't have this problem on clean, just the overdrive channel, it also does this ringing like a mic would if it was close to a speaker. That just recently started happening...and my amp is only halfway up to it's full potential (or the knobs full turn)

Here's an mp3 of what I'm talking about, I have a talent show and battle of the bands coming up very soon, this really sucks, I've gotta get this fixed.


Any idea what's going on/how to fix it?
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Hey dude, based on what I heard all you need is a noise surpressor pedal. You can purchase a great one made by Boss called the NS-2 for bout 120$ canadian.. Works great and should fix your problem.
^ +.5 True its a feedback/noise problem. Tips stand further away from your amp, shield your pups, stand away form any tv or comp. and get a GOOD noise gate like the ISP decimator. the ns-2 is crap.
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OK, you're right, I didn't have my noise suppressor on in that...

But I know it's not a need for a noise suppressor,because it sounds like it's shorting out or something and it just recently started doing this, so I know it's a problem and not just lack of a noise suppressor pedal...If you listen just right after I hit that power chord you here this low wooshing like crackling it sounds terrible haha.

and I've changed out every single tube in the back and it's still doing it.
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)
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Any ideas?

? Mesa didn't really have any idea except for taking it to the local mesa authorized shop, but that could mean I don't get it back for somewhere around 2-4 weeks, and I don't have that kind of time...
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)