What would be a good gage for drop D tuning?

what brand do you recomend?
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Earnie ball extra heavy's. They come in a purple package. Heaviest gauge in their is a 105 or a 115, don't remember.
There is no reason to get extra heavies for drop D. Just get a pack of regulars, the D string doesn't get that slack.
I get 105's. Good for standard and drop D tuning.
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any recomendations for strings for an extender key (frequent E - D tune/detune on e string)
i usually use mediums, but am getting the extender for easy tune switching between songs, and was wondering if heavier gauge would last longer going in and out of the tuning all the time
No, it wouldn't. Just use standard gauges, that way your strings won't be ridiculously tight in standard tuning.