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Fat strat
19 54%
Les paul ultra
16 46%
Voters: 35.
I'm thinking about buying a new guitar. I'dbe playing classic rock and iwas wondering which i should get. Check them out. The lp is 500 bucks with dual humbuckers and has cavities inside of it to lighten it. The fat strat is 400 andhas 2 singles anda humbucker.
I would fo with the strat for classic rock. Strats can play pretty much anything. I would like some pics of this lp though.
just can't beat the les paul. sounds absolutely beautiful, better quality then fender strats, and i think it looks better too.
Wish i could figure out how to put pictures in. They're both on Musiciansdfriend. The lp has a sweet cherrburst finish andgold hardware.
the LP, i played it, and it's great, the neck has a satin finish so it's fast playing, and the body's comfortable, i have heard it gets some feedback at really high volume levels, but i've never been able to play it, they have pics of it on this site, review section, for the one that wanted some, it's great, the strat's humbucker lacks enough strength for my tastes, but that's all opinion
That LP is nice. Very nice! You'll be hard pressed to find some of those features on a guitar that cheap (full binding, arched top, gold hardware, nice colours etc). I'd go with that personally
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