I just today bought a 65 reissue twin reverb, and cranked it up. I tried it with all of my effects, and then when I got to my distortion, I was kind of dissapointed.

The thing sounds all twangy with no "boom" to my distortion. I tried all sorts of setting combinations, but to no avail. My distortion pedals are a DS-1 and a russian Big Muff. On my old hot rod deluxe ( the amp before this), the distortion sounded fine. I realize this is a clean amp, but what can I do to get better distortion? Is an overdrive pedal neccesary? Anyone have any ideas or reccomendations?
i'd say since its a tube amp an overdrive pedal would work best

maybe a tubescreamer or something?

also...maybe you can find a used original bluesbreaker...its supposed to sound really good with the twin reverb...so i hear

and congrats on the amp


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Well, don't use a DS-1 with your fender...simple as that.

But if you're looking into more BOOM, I think you picked the wrong amp. I say check out an OCD if you're looking for some nice OD.
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go to your closest guitar center or equivelant, and say you want to buy a overdrive pedal for your twin reverb, and you'd like to try them on that amp, and they'll set you up with a bunch to demo.

just try as many as you can, and pick the one you like best

(not to sound like the typical "i need a ____" thread response)

but really.
yeah that fender is not going to give you BOOM. though i have one and love it, if i played anything harder than led zeppelin, i would be screwed
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i would most deifntly suggest an ibanez tubescreamer with a fender tube amp. best od for a fender. unless you want to spend more than that, jsut get a ts-9 or for more buck get a ts 808 if ur loaded. itll make ur amp real creamy and there'll be some cream in ur pants as well
The Twin has a tendency to do that to some distortion boxes. It likes some more than others. Go to your music store and try out their reissues with every box in the store.
well if someone could also maybe recommend an amp, same price range, same wattage (preferably) that isn't afraid to kick it up with distortion? I might as well try other amps, GC does have a 30 day return period I believe.
You can get a nice amp with that sort of money...

What types of other tones, bands, person, are you trying to achieve? (Tone I mean)
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A Booster is the correct pedal to buy, because an overdrive pedal is meant to simulate overdrive. It will work as a booster, but Boosters are more transparent and will make it sound sweet and fendery without being twangy.
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dont get an sd1 because my sd1 sounds liek shit through my mates twun reverb. i can get a **** load of boom out of that amp with the ds2 so i dont see why you shouldny get it with the ds1. but i think go and try a marshall guvnor. mine sounds ****ing brilliant through it. u have this great fender clean that nothing can beat then you step on the pedal and ur turn it into a roaring jcm800 which sounds pretty ****ing great. try the guvnor and the ds2 they both sound brilliant through it. aw yeh and kurt cobain used the twin reverb with a ds2 to record in utero so that just shows you it is capable of great distortion