I didn't know if this is the right forum for this or not. I've never posted on anything aside from guitar.

I have a friend who sings, and she wants to know how she can expand her range. Particularly upward. She can't hit high notes very well at all. So she wants to know if there are some exercises or something along those lines that she can use to expand her range a little. I know nothing about singing. So I'm hoping someone here who sings can help me out to help her out.
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Raise her eyebrows when singing higher notes, it helps.

Along side, don't drink milk hardly if your singing (espeically high), makes it sound choppy.

And if shes singing words instead of harmony, tell her to use her throat not her mouth mostly, basically she should be able to sing w/o moving her tounge hardly.

these sound somewhat stupid and pointless but they help alot.
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it's like learning to play guitar, you have to train your voice like you train your fingers. Basically singing all comes down to breathing. It's hard to explain, but as you breathe out, you hit notes. The more air or the less air you let out changes the sound of your voice. This took me a long time to understand. It's not like you're going to be able to hit high notes loud if you've never tried hitting that note before. Its almost like you clench your chest while you sing. I dont know how to explain this very well but if you search the forums for singing i'm sure someone will be able to help.
I know that the lead singer of R.E.M., Michael Stipes, gained more range by just singing high stuff until he lost his voice. It stretches your vocal cords and helps gain some higher pitches.

Basically, singing more helps you sing better.
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I was lucky enough to be born with a very good falseto voice like Frusciante high, umm I really dont know any good ways to sing higher I just sing along to cd's my dad says if you sallow sperm your vocal chords loosen right up but I wouldn't recomend that.

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Raise her eyebrows when singing higher notes, it helps.

I agree - though is there actually a reason behind this?
get a piano and tell her to practice the major scale as low as she can.. then work her way up until she gets to her limit.. practice this for a while, then tell her to take it up a note or two.

this is what my aural skills teach made me do.. when i started last semester i had a very limited range, cause i have a really deep voice (double bass baratone he said!) and after about two months of that practice i could sing along side the girls (not too proud of this, but hell ive got a crazy range now, 3 octaves starting at the F an octave below middle C)
of course some of its falsetto.. but that sh*t still hurts my throat even after a year of practice. i stay in the baritone range unless teach asks otherwise.

im not sure where i have to switch over.. but its funny cause when i get to that point and im not thinking my voice cracks and it goes back to real deep and i throw everyone else in class off. one dude was like "are you sure your not fakin the deep voice to sound cool" and i was like "are you sure your not fakin the high pitch just to be emo?" hahaha then i called him frullet.. cause he has one
Head over to the singing sticky.
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