I think I played my little brother's acoustic guitar a couple times when I was 10 or 11. I broke it.

edit: I remember only playing all the strings open because that's all I could do that didn't sound like crap.
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I played and am still playing clarinet. i got it in the 6th grade. i'm not sure what it costs, i didn't buy it. but only in school cuz it has a boring sound. can't change it. but still fun to play in all.
i played the triangle once when i was 4.
i was REALLY good too
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haha was gonna say guitar but then someone mentioned the recorder. ahh good ol music class haha
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Recorder in second grade. But, since I wouldn't really consider that a serious musical endeavor, I'll say trumpet when I was around eleven. We rented to own a crappy trumpet--which I still have. I've since switched from trumpet to euphonium, I couldn't get good embouchure right. I'm not a large fish stuck in a small pond--I'm the section leader of the most pathetically inept group of "musicians" I have ever seen. Retards who quote horrid TV shows badly, draw mediocre comics, and laugh at their own jokes. Not to mention I'm the only one who actually plays... It's frustrating...
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Guitar in grade 6, and i've played my dads acoustic and harmonica for years.
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