kinda cool stuff here, seemed a little bit repetive though. that weird wobbly bell-falling-through-space sound (yeah, that one) was pretty cool. wait hold on, im listening and apparently theres more to the song. that riff that opens up the second half is really cool, you should work on getting that really tight. your playing has some feeling to it, keep it up.

check it out, i added new parts to my song
I think the first majortiy of the song is TOO pink floydish.
And yes I know, I agee, the pink floyd sound can never be too pink floydish, but thats only when it IS pink floyd.
The intro is far too similar too "time" to be safe in my opinion.

Apart from all that it is very good from a musical sense. My only quibble is the heavy riffing which sounds slightly out until the solo ties it together. I would recommend working on that part right before the solo, possibly putting on some feedback volume swell which explodes into the solo or something..
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is - Infinite.

^^ some sort of strange new slimey brew, its a psychedelic mess.
Check it out
yes i agree it is too much like time i kno i kno i probably should have expected that too i just really like pink floyd, i guess its more like a tribute to them
Your music thing says error loading XML document whenever I try to play it. Do you know why this is? Here's a link to mine if you want to crit it in the meantime and remind me to crit yours. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091