Do it in the pit if you're going to do it, and all the same, don't!
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yea this is definitly supposed to be in the pit. and also, why do you hate rap? whats wrong with it? lyrically rap is much better than rock, i dont mean lil jon, i mean real hip hop, good stuff. talib kweli, the roots, mos def, dr dre. there is a lot of rap with guitar, and a lot of the beats are much better than the straight 4/4 classic rock beats, so maybe you should be open and look into the genre more before you go uniting "rap haters"

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dont be a close minded fucktard
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lol i think he's joking. although having said that i wouldn't be suprised if he wasn't looking at some of the people you get on these forums
yeah, not all rap is completely horrible, but I can't stand most of it.

and rage, if you think rap has better lyrics generally than rock, you should listen to some different rock.