acoutic electrics, are just acoustic guitars with a pickup so they can be amped.

u can shape their tone in many ways.

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i have an acoustic electric

its a mix between an acoustic and electric guitar clean, very nice sparkle and bass on the tone most of the time, it does matter what pickups/mics/crystals are used to get the signal

add in chorus, and its pretty gorgeous, but i havent used it honestly much lately
Like anything it depends on the guitar. Alot of acou/ele's are thin bodied "concert style" guitars so you wont get a real acoustic tone out of em but if you go for a drednaught acoustic electric then they will. They also have built in preamps and EQ's to shape the tone and there are acoustic amps available. Oh and another thing. Most sound like crap with distortion so basically the only reason to get one is so you dont have to carry around that Shure SM-7 the mixer and an additional PA everytime you wanna gig w/ an acoustic. Its basically just a convinent way of getting your acoustic louder for gigs where it otherwise wouldnt be heard. A simple yet awesome innovation. Try one out.
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