ok I need to do a bunch of poems for my English class and it's due tomorrow. First off if anyone can help me out with some lyrics or something that'd be great lol. Second of all list any bands that I can use because I need to make an alpahebt poem using band names. Preferably Metal bands because my friends did a certain genre and the teacher thought that that was the neatest thing he'd ever seen so yeah. Help would be great!

Thanks ahead of time to whoever it is that replies
On the main page of UG, they have an A-Z thing for tabs, so if you really need one for each letter, just look through there.
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A is for avenged sevenfold
B is for Black Label Soceity and Zakk Wylde
C is for Children of Bodom
D is for Dragonforce
E is for ???
F is for Fear Factory
G is for Godsmack
H is for Halford, Rob
I is for Iron Maiden
J is for Judas Priest
K is for ???
L is for Lamb Of God
M is for Metallica and Megadeth
N is for Nirvana?
O is for Opeth
P is for Pantera
Q is for Queen?
R is for Rammstein
S is for Slayer
T is for Trivium
U is for Underoath
V is for Velvet Revolver
W is for Wolfmother
X is for ??
Y is for Yngwie Malmsteen
Z is for ZZ Top
amon amarth
dark tranquillity
iron maiden
jag panzer
lamb of god
queens of the stoneage
rage against the machine
throes of dawn
U... hmm... unearth.. even though they suck
van halen
xtrarrestrial (1 man instrumental guitar rock)
y... dont know
zao.. even though they kinda suck

metal alphabet.. to the extent
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