so my band needs a pa system set up for practices and sessions in front of small crowds. hows this set up looking?

for power amp.

for mixer

for monitor

2 of these for speakers

any suggestions..

also what all cables will i need. don't include mic cables, i already know for that. i mean for hooking the power amp up to the mixer and speakers/monitar up toeverything.
The speakers are pretty good i think...my band uses some very similar to those.
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I would go to a store that specializes in sound reinforcement before you buy anything. Talk to them and tell them your price range and what you need it for and they will be able to better help you. You might be better off trying to find something used or even just renting something when you need it. Its a big investment. I would prolly scrap that whole plan you have up there. Its going to be underpowered and those speakers are way to small. you really dont need a 14 channel mixer for something with 10" speakers and only 300 watts. It wont be able to handle anything more than vocals and maybe a acoustic guitar. certainly not any drums or bass. Once you get into that you are looking at thousands of dollars worth of equipment that you have to lug around, setup, take down, maintain, insure, hope doesnt get stolen, have backups of, troubleshoot when it doesnt work.... id just hire a soundman to do it haha.

If you want something thats good for practices id check out one of these . I have that exact one for practices and it works great, especially for only $199. It will do everything that system you listed up there will do for a fraction of the cost. Ive used it at a few house partys too and ive never had any complaints.