how would you fine upstanding citizens on ug go about asking somebody to leave a band. heres the situtation: we had a fight with our former guitar is .. and he left .. so we had a guitarist opening. the next day i asked my 15 year old guitar playing prodigy if he wanted to join, he said yes and he did well .. but the bands style and his styles are totaly different. and now we found a guitarist who is just as good as the first, but with a matching style, tons of experence playing out, and he can sing which is something that we TOTALLY needed was good solid backup vocals. well how do tell my friend we found somebody else.? .. please dont give me the obvious .. tell him to go away.. he is my friend and i want to keep it like that
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Just have a "band meeting" with the original members and tell him straight up, he'll be a little pissed off but it's better than backdooring him out and sort of "phasing" him out.
dude theres no way to do it without lying or getting him upset. you just have to deal with it and so does he, just tell him straight up whats happening and if hes your friend and a cool guy then he should understand.
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you have to tell him the truth what you just said on here. Tell him that you think that he is a really good guitarist but does not fit well in the band and that you'll know that he will find a band. I mean he is 15 that really young.
tell him what you just told us. in the last band we were lucky enough to have him join the military right before we were gonna kick him out lol.
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yeah, i concur... be direct, and don't waste time. tell him he's obviously great at his own style, but it's clearly not the style of your band. On top of that, you now have someone who is a perfect fit, and it's time to make the change. If he can't handle that, then he's too immature to be in a band anyways.
I had this situatioin loads of times....
and i got used to kicking ppl out
just tell him to **** off.... he'll be pissed off for a bit but then he'll get over it
school of rock style, one day he'll turn up for practice and he'll find that he's been replaced
Yeah just like tell him that hes out of the band and that at this time there is no spot for him in your musical line up. I've done this tons of times and its really simple. Make sure he understands why though because if he doesnt theres a good chance he'll talk smack about you or do something drastic. I've had ex-members I told off badly and they keyed "****er" into my car.

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Tell him you don't think you guys are a good fit right now but you still want to get together and play sometimes...that way, even if you don't, he won't feel quite as bad. It's best to do it as soon as possible though because the longer you wait the worse it will be. Just make it seem like it's more your issue, not because he isn't a good guitarist.
Just tell him it's not working out though he's still a great guitarist and that he should find a band that's more him because your not it, you cant really beat around the bush with this one. The last person I kicked out of a band we were very good friends his girlfriend was becoming to controling and he was missing pratices so he showed up one day and i just "your not in the ****ing band dude" and that was that.

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