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herat figurines
2 25%
The 238,857 Embargo
6 75%
Voters: 8.
Kept it short to keep it fair.

heart figurines

i see adept figurines,
cast in limpid water.
They dominate my sight,
and every entity.
Is it ironic that,
they all resemble hearts?
Or is everything predestined?

And they say theres no beauty left.

The 238,857 Mile Embargo

Medic, Medic - Moon down,
Starlight; "we're loosing her," Starbright;
"I concur."

Tenderly the sundial lays
sullenly still, in wait
for the glint in our eyes to clip the tip of its spired spike;
the same haunt where dear Moonshine did belate
on a basis as regular as rain.

It whispers -
"Oh God! I must be blind."

Medic, Medic, Moon down,
Starlight; "we've lost sight of her", Starbright;
"I can't see either."
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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