I tried recording with my Yamaha mixer and microphones plugged into with my band this weekend and when we went through individualy to do our parts everything would sound out of sync on the playback even though during the recording everything was perfect.

When I first started recording on my own, I thought it was my sound card so I bought a creative and it solved the problem, at least I thought. Now I'm wondering if it's because I don't have enough RAM on my 6 year old computer (I'm supposed to have 512mb of RAM but I'm down to like 490mb for some reason.)

If it is RAM, I was thinking about getting a Mac laptop (iBook or whatever the hell it's called) that has 1GB of RAM, I need it for school and I could take it anywhere if I want to record.

But I just want to make sure it's the RAM before I make a definate decision on buying a Mac.
its the ram i had the same problem with my PC....then i bought a mac. macs are wicked for recording by the way
ya i agree with nemesis. You need more RAM. I have 1 Gig on mine. But ya, Mac's...kickass for that shit. GarageBand (i think thats the name) is a good program
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What is your Yamaha mixer? what is your interface? I would suggest your problem is caused by an out of date ASIO driver/ incorrect driver - if you are using a Yamaha MW10/12, or Go46, I88X etc as your interface, then your driver problems can be rectified with a download from...

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