i'd say boosted JCM800's.
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JCM 900 + 1960 cab + Ratt distortion and an EQ (probably scooped)

I think he uses a univibe, phaser (phase 90 I think) and a bad horsie, all of which are in front of the distortion.

Some kind of rack delay/multieffects unit, knowing Trey probably an Eventide (H3000?)

He uses 6 and 7 string guitars, mainly with dual humbuckers and lots of switching options (coil tap, phase, etc) and always 24 frets.

I think his signal is like this

Guitar (bridge for rhythm, neck for leads usually) > Vibe > Phaser > Wah > Ratt > EQ > JCM 900 feeds to his Rack and split into stereo for delays etc and then into the 1960 cab.

Its a pretty 'classic' setup.