K, this is only 25 measures but I'd be eternally grateful if you'd check it out...

I just wrote this tonight...I've been wanting to write something kinda Metallica-like...And I think this is kinda kinda like them....w.e I'll shut up...plz download it...

EDIT: Oh yea and sorry about the extra lead guitar...:-\ I was gonna add something then changed my mind...
Metallica Inspired Song.zip
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Rock on. That progression was very nice. Definitely a riff you can bang your head too. There's a lot of potential there.

And thx for the crit on my first post Jonjy2, it was badly out of key. I'm posting one I started awhile back that is in key.
Nice. I really liked it. Part one could do with a lead though, maybe coming in at bar 5 after the fade in.

And yeah did sorta remind me of metallica.
Nice man, that was pretty awesome. I especially liked the middle acoustic part. I could definetely see these riffs being used in a song. I agree with XXpunkXstaveXX though, some leads would make it even better.
ace man, easy to play and sounds awesum, nice job
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I waited little longer version but not bad. Good headbanging intro there I liked the acoustic part. I didn't notice any Metallica elements there. Nice work and I hope you will be making more of this.

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That was simple but a great start...i did like the acoustic part a lot, and the progression wasnt very generic and sounded great, id love to see a lead over that
I liked the intro riff......but I think it should need some more variation after the second guitar comes in...maybe some 16 notes here an there...
I really liked the acoustic part.
24-25 ar pretty good, but you should finish the riff..well, in fact you should finish the whole song.....
very nice man, maybe for the last part you can speed it up a little? thats all i can really say....but good job its strange i saw this thread after i started working on a thrash/metallica style song xD 8/10 keep working on it

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