I seem to have a major problem with keeping in time with the music. For example I was trying to play AC/DC's "If you want blood" song, the intro and I was way out of time. Playing chords too early, too late etc. I am not even close to trying to play solos in time!

I try to tap my feet to the beat so is it important to concentrate on playing the chords when my foot hits the ground or is in the air etc? Or is the tapping just to keep your subconsciously in time and you don't really need to concentrate on it?

And do you have any tips on fixing the problem? I am thinking of getting a metronome but they seem awefully expensive?

Thanks for the help!
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try counting yourself in while taping your foot, then start playing, it'll make it easier to keep your foot independantly tapping out the time while you think about strumming chords
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use an online metronome, they're free.

besides that, I used to have tons of problems keeping time, now it's subconscious, you just need to make it a part of your practice. if you know how to read musical rhythms that will help too.
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Get Guitar Pro. Metronome, Speed Trainer, Adjustable Tempo Speed, Multitrack and Solo + Volume controls. Best Program i ever invested in. I think GP Tabs are avalable from this site actually.


Or, if your pikey, you can try getting it on P2P Programs. Takes ages tho.

Say the rythem while you play, but don't worry about time. Then say the rythem while not even playing the guitar, just along with a metronome. Then, gradually combine the 2.
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what I would do is totally slow it down, and just play basic 1/4 notes until you have that perfectly in time

after that, start at like 65 bpm, and play 1/8ths, until you get it perfect.

At that point, just slowly step the metronome when you have it down PERFECT.

Generally, I spend most of the time on the difficult bits getting them perfect and making them easy. After that, the rest of the song should fall in line fairly easy
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Thanks for all the help guys appreciate it HUGELY!
Elliot Waters

My Gear:
Epiphone Limited Edition SG with Maestro Tremolo
Novaro Acoustic (not good)