Hello all,
I'm a relatively amateur guitarist just looking for an answer to a particular question.

Previously I owned a guitar lead of a design that is, I believe, now deemed obsolete. It was a tightly wound set of coils with the standard quarter inch jacks on both ends. The lead was wound in such a way as to provide a degree of elasticity, which was very handy in the event that I walked away from my amplifier. Rather than immediately becoming taught, there would be some give before the lead came out of the jack. As far as I can tell this type of lead was very popular with musicians in the 60's and 70's, such as Jimi Hendrix, among others. Apparently the wound coils create electromagnetic induction though, creating a fuzzy warm sound, which has now been deemed undesirable to guitarists. Unfortunately, the only curly lead in my possession was heinously swiped from my kit during a gig.

Thus, my question is fairly simple; does anyone know of a place where I could find another such lead?

Many thanks in advance!,
The only problem with those curly leads are that they are pretty heavy. I have one and dont use it much because of that reason.
I can't find them in any guitar shop.
I found some once in an electronics store; came home and found out it was unshielded.

Good luck.
I have a 15 metre one thats shielded,

That guy who recommended Thomann is very smart

Amazing company.
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