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Bleed Jehovah by Mordecai. Just recorded it recently, took all freakin nite and i need feedback. Thanks in advance for positive (hell even negative) feedback.
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Holy Crap!!! Okay... I'll give you the long version of feedback.

{Firstly, you NEED some Bass!! To stop constipation if nothing else.

A bit of mixing/mastering wouldn't hurt if that option was available, if it wasn't then i guess you get what you're given as far as that's concerned.
Apart from those things, it's not a bad song. there is a bit about 3/4 of the way through(it's in the instumental bit) that gets a little monotonous when you're listening to it.
Good job
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It was way too low. You need some nice bass and some high vocals. Also, a little shredder wouldn't hurt.
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where did you come up with the name?

its a BTBAM song. it means warrior.

and yes there will be some shred soon. need to get joel to do his solo and then ill record mine and we'll reload the track on pv with solos.