I was looking at an Ampeg SVT-350H head (even though it's discontinued), and the reviews are pretty mixed: Some say that it doesn't get loud enough without distorting/clipping badly, and others say it works great for them, even with a band.

Is this true? Why would this (the clipping, poor operation @ high volumes) be?

I can get one for $450 CDN used, is this a good deal? Or should I spend $375 for a used Fender Bassman 400 head, which has much more favorable reviews?

Anyways, here's some proposed setups - any comments are welcome.

1x15 Trace Elliot 1135t
2x10 Gallien-Krueger 210BLX
Either the Ampeg SVT-350 or Fender Bassman 400H
i know nothing about heads since i have a combo, but don't forget that companies can plant reviews on those sites about as much as we can.

so, try'em out first

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