i have a squier affinity strat and it's a very good guitar (as far as squiers go).

the only real problem with it is that whenever i push down the tremelo, even like half a step down, the g string makes a tiny little clicking sound (very soft, it's like when two ends of string hit each other, a little click, probably the strings moving against each other on the peg) where it's strung around the tuning post and goes like a step out of tune.

this only happens with the g string. i can do full dives and all the other strings except the g stay in tune pretty damn well.

i've tried 3 different methods of wrapping the strings around the posts, so i'm pretty sure its not that.

the bridge looks fine, so does the g string's saddle. the nut, well it looks the same on the g as all of the other strings do.

it could have something to do with the string guider that the g string goes under perhaps.
The string is obviously sticking somewhere. Try taking the string tree off, and see if that solves the problem, if not, you will have at least eliminated one possibility.
Its either your nut or your tremolo springs. Try stuffing the springs with sponge/tissue roll. If its the nut, put some pencil lead on the g string part.
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get some new locking nuts the tread may have gone on the one that hold the g string

if the g string is a problem just take it off, thats what girls always do when we are gonna do it cause its a problem if its not took off so i dont see why it no different for guitar

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