I'm currently learning to drive, I've had 5 lessons so far (paid for 10 and had 5 lessons last week, having another 5 this week).
I have one this afternoon actually!

I'm in the UK btw

Just seeing who else here is currently learning to drive, or just passed their test ?
How many lessons did you have?
How many times did you do the test before you passed?
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Umm...don't know how it is in the UK but in the U.S. you just get a permit and start driving around with a parent. I took drivers ed when I was 15, which is like a course for lessons, but where I live they're all book lessons for like 6 weeks, and then we just drive 3 days in a row, 2 hours each day. After that, we wait until we're 16 and 1 month, then we take the written test and then the driving test. Pretty simple over here.
I'm learning. Here in Israel it's obligatory to make at least 28 classes. So in average it costs like 800 - 1000 US$ to get a driving license.
It's so ridiculous. After we get the driving license, we have to drive for 2 months with someone who drives at least 5 years next to us. And after that, we can't drive more than 2 persons in the car until we have the license for 2 years, or until we are 21 years old.
It's ridiculous. When we're 18 years old we have to join the army, and we get guns and have to watch over the frontiers to protect the country, but we still aren't enough responsible to drive more than 2 persons in a car.
Fucking stupid.

hey man, , your supposed to have around 36 hours worth of driving experience but it's not set in stone. have you passed your theory? if so concentrate alot on your parrell parking, the 3 point turn and the reverse around the corner and you'll do alright, the gear box usage and signals are quite easy to pick up. also continue studying your theory (even if you have passed your theory test) because the examiner might be a bit of a prick and ask you some annoying question either stationary or while driving.
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Yeah it's a lot simpler in the US.

Here in the UK, you have to take a written test (theory test) and do a practical test, which you have to pass, you pass by gettin no serious marks against you, and no more than 16 minor marks against you.

It's said that the UK driving test is the hardest in the world.

You can only take the practical test once you've passed the theory test.

I'm hoping to have about 5/10 more lessons then pass my theory (which I will do as it's actually easy, and I've been studying for it for a while).
Then i can go in for my test.

I want to be driving by June, then I'll just have to get a car.

EDIT: thanks for the advice lycan, i did a 3 point turn perfectly first time last week, then did it another 4 times perfectly, it gave me laods of confidence, today im working on the other 2 manoveurs (SP?), I'm used to just driving normally now, just need to do the parallel parking and reversing around a corner.
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I'd do it. I think that I could stand one night with a man for the financial security of my whole life and the life of my children
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Driving overall isn't that hard. The only difficult thing, I find, is reversing round a corner on a hill. The rest is pretty much common sense. Dual Carriageway roundabouts are little tricky to get hold of at first.

Friendly advice:
- When signally left or right, brake at the 4th hazard warning line and switch to 2nd. Don't coast.
- If you know you can't control the car at a hilled junction, don't try and do it. Always use a hillstart in doubt. If the worst comes to the worst, at least you won't backfire into the car behind you.
- When parallel parking, drive forward to fill the gap if there's a space left in the front. In reality, don't do this - take as much space as possible as a lot of cars can completely lock you from parking behind you.
- Theory is piss easy, you can pass by revising the day before. The theory is exactly like your theory book, by which I mean exact copies of the questions.
- Put your handbrake on at red lights.
- When approaching a red light, slow down to 2nd gear and maybe it will change by the time you get to the traffic light. This helps as your instructor will know you're using common sense so that you don't need to stop the car.
- Don't be afraid to talk to yourself, when you're in an exam. In fact, do it as often as you can.
- When on a round about, keep in your land. This is seriously important. A driving instructor can fail you for not keeping in a strict lane, especially if you're going "straight ahead" on you're in the left lane. If there are no cars on the right, don't make the mistake of etching towards the right, stay as left as possible.
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Yeah, like the tests here are the written exam (like your theory), two parts basically. There's the general knowledge about rules and then the parts about road signs. When I took it, i think you could only miss 2 road signs and 3 other regular questions. And here you can only take the driving after you've passed the written test. The driving portion is pretty much showing knowledge of correct signaling, showing use of the 10-2 oclock hand positions, safe speed limit, and parallel parking. My lady was a cold hard bitch that gave me my test.
I dont drive a car, i drive a bike but my brother had 16 lessons and passed the third test, first time he was nervous as anything and second time he failed cause of a woman in a van changing lanes to late and he had to brake quick. America is easy, cause you dont have worry about roundabouts and corners really cause american cars are crap a turning :P

in maryland, you take drivers ed for 2 weeks. pass the exam, take the permit test, get 60 hours, take the liscense test, pass then get your lisesne. this can all be done before you turn 17.
i had 20 hours over 5 months and passed 1st time. its too expensive to fail. i passed 5 years ago so i just had one theory test and the driving practical. ive also been on a course for so called 'advanced' driving but it was shite. they just taught us how to be more fuel efficient.
lol. i suck at driving, you dont wont any help form me. ill be 17 in august and i still have got my liscence yet, and i live in the U.S.
I'm from the UK too;

Countless lessons, I didn't really keep track, took about 8 months though
Passed second time

I remember learning to drive, people always used to ask how long you'd been learning, like it was some god-damned competition to see who could pass their test first, or that they're were a better driver because they'd learnt quicker and passed first time.

It's pretty much the reason I hate driving, there seems to be too much ego involved. Or maybe im too concious of people thinking I'm not very good

Advice points;

- Get your theory test out the way a.s.a.p, this leaves you free to do your practicle test whenever you're ready.
- Get mock CD-ROM exams for the theory and hazard perception tests. Try to get tests with official questions in, you'll find they're the same in the real exam.
- Get as much practice as you can with parents/experienced driver outside lessons.
- Driving lessons will probably become a bore or frustration after a few months; you know you can do things but not consistantly and you feel like you're not making progress. Stick in there, it will all come together
- Know the controls of the car. I remember my first driving test, i didn't know where the headlights were (it was my instructors car, we'd never driven in conditions where they were necessary, and I'd forgotten where the control was) in torrential rain. Not good.
- Do things by the book; you might think there's a better way to do things, but driving examiners are interested in you doing it the right way.
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I had Driver's Ed class when I was 16, took the written test, and passed it. Then you get your permit and you're allowed to start driving with a parent. Then, after six months (and if you're 17), you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and take your test; nerve wracking as all hell, but pretty damn easy. Then they bring you inside, you have to wait in line for forever, and they take your picture. Then you're done.

^ I hate driving too.
My instructor says I won't need many more lessons after I've completed the other 5 this week.

Anyon else have anything to say about driving ?

Any hints/tips for the test?
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I got my license last summer. I only had to do six lessons and then one test, but I drove around with my parents for months before that.

For the test, just stay calm. If you get nervous, bad things tend to happen. It's just like driving every other day except that the instructor is paying a bit more attention.
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Had another lesson yesterday, it went well, I'm gettin a lot more confident, and not panicing when things go wrong!

Can't wait pass my test!
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Homosexual sex for $200?
Be honest.
I'd do it. I think that I could stand one night with a man for the financial security of my whole life and the life of my children
And no I'm not gay. I'm 100% straight.

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michigan. you take segment one of the class pass a shit easy test ( i finished in 6 minutes, 94%) then wait three months, take segment 2 (3 days of class, even easier test) then as long as you've driven for 50 hours with someone over 21, you can take a road test and get your license 6 months after segment 1
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I'm a good driver here in the US.
I have my temps so I can only drive with a parent as of now.
I go for my drivers test in may. woo!!

In the process of looking for a car now.