ok downloaded gp 5 , great !!
search the site for comeing back to life / pink floyd , great

so i get this http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/p/pink_floyd/coming_back_to_life_ver2_guitar_pro.htm

only thing is i want this 1


have i lost the format here ??
i was rarther hoping this was going to be possible ?
any pointers would be greatly appreiciated thanx in advance jb
the first tab you have here is a gp5 file, and hence will open with gp5. however the second one is a tab done in plain text. the person who tabbed it obviously couldnt be arsed tabbing out in gp5, as it really is a pain since you have to define the length of each note and other annoying stufff like that. If you perfer the text version i'd reccomend listening to the song while lookin at the tab and try to match it up. if youre still having problems, you can slow songs down using windows media player
ok thought so ,
thing is ive more or less nailed the intro , then rhythm ect , of the text 1 ,then decide to get the help of GP to do the 2/3 solos ect ,but now i know thanx any way sir .
only thing is when i look for say a very good tab like comfortably numb , its not exactly the tab ive seen on the text versions !! pretty crap eh ? oh well cheers again jb

also wondering is there access to other places where we can maybe find other sources of pro 5 tab , maybe a wider search to help us ??
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all sorted now guys , the tab i wanted was there after all !!!! lol
top right corner , 1,2,3,4,5,6 cheers again
this forum isn't for discussion or guitar or tabs so don't make threads about stuff like that here in the future please.
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