Im planing to buy me a new guitar...
Its a Squier deluxe stratocaster

I currently own an epiphone g 400... wich i guess theyre both on the same level, i just want a cleaner sound, single coil picks...

What do u recommend? should i sell my g400 and get this one? or keep my epi?

are you mad .. selling epiphone and buyin' squier?

EDIT: buy a fender strat
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id say sell the epi, and buy a fender fat strat, a very versatile guitar indeed
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Get yourself a MIM Fender Strat instead of a Squier. I have one right now, and I have to say that I absolutely love it to death.
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i dont have money, im broke...

so, no fender plz...

Just tell me, wich one is more versatile and better between the epiphone g400 and the squier deluxe top (not a standar squier, much better quality)
Try out the squier and if it floats your boat then buy it, I know squier can be a VERY good company, I know a guy )great guitar player been going for years) who had a Gibson SG but he sold it, ended up buying a Fernandes guitar and a Squier telecaster custom, he prefers the squier to the fernandes guitar (I want the fernandes so much )